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Stage Republic | Best Pop Artist & Best Pop Song of the Year

Posted by: Raven on 9/24/2015 6:53 AM

Stage Republic is Holland's #1 Indie Pop Act

The nominated song:

Official Website:

When Dutch recording artist and actor Corjan de Raaf (Raven) founded Stage Republic at the end of 2013, he had no idea things would take off the way they did. "Firstage", the debut album produced 3 singles that made it into the Dutch national indie chart, with "All Out" topping the list on #1. Outside the home country of the Netherlands "Firstage" was playlisted at over 200 US College Radio Stations and became a pop hit in South-Korea. A double IMEA Award nomination (Best Alternative Album & Best Alternative Group) became the icing on the cake.

The 2nd half year of 2014 saw the release of "Seconder" the EP with another charting single for the band in "Us Against The Rest". After that it was time to start working on new material. The song "Big Blue River", nominated for this year's IMEA "Best Pop Song" category, had all the elements of a clear new direction for the band. Where "Firstage" was centered around Raven's mantra of "refuse to think it's hard", in the new material the artist explores what is happening to us and how that affects our lives. The phrase "Had to drown to come clean" from the nominated song sums that up nicely. Still, the trademark Stage Republic messages of hope and perseverance are always there as are the electro-pop 80s roots, be it less dominant than before.

Stage Republic frontman Raven will be one of the proud presenters of this year's award gala.

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Congrats and best wishes!

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