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4 nominations for Stage Republic!

Posted by: Raven on 9/2/2016 1:01 AM

Stage Republic frontman Raven and producer Itsbart want to thank the IMEA Nominating Committee for nominating the band in no less than 4 categories.

Alternative Song of the Year: 'I Got Your Back'
Pop Song of the Year: 'The Dream'
Pop Artist of the Year
Songwriter of the Year: Corjan de Raaf"

This is the third consecutive year that Stage Republic has received nominations.

We hope everybody will vote for us! Check out the nominated songs here:

I Got Your Back

The Dream

The band's eighties inspired Pop music comes with a contemporary edge that sets Stage republic apart from other artists within the genre. The song 'I Got Your Back' boasts perfectly pitched vocal harmonies, a hugely infectious chorus and that element of feel good that fans have come to associate with the band's releases. The single would fit perfectly on a Tom Petty album although Raven's distinctive vocals ensure the Stage Republic's sound is unmistakably their own. New York's finest Music Magazine 'The Big Takeover' ( ) premiered the Music Video for the song.

'I Got Your Back' has already been picked up to feature in the soundtrack of an upcoming Hollywood film, but this isn't the first time Stage republic have found fans in Hollywood. Author Patrice Chaplin, daughter-in-law of Charlie, was instrumental in the planning of a music video featuring Ellen Barkin for Raven's single 'City of Secrets', inspired by Chaplin's book of the same name.

'I Got Your Back' is currently #9 in the national Dutch Indie Chart." which is the 5th national Top10 position in 3 years time. The single also scored Top10 positions on indie charts in the US, Canada, UK, Spain and South Africa.

The band is harvesting so much attention internationally at the moment that star photographer Corbijn invited Raven for a photoshoot to create some iconic images. The Corbijn family is well known for their work with superstars like U2, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Prince and countless others.

What others have to say about the music of Stage Republic:

"A retro chic, rhythm heavy pop treat" Music Blog, United States

"oozes the romantic, hopeful, and instantly catchy charm of late '80s/early '90s rock."
The Big Takeover Magazine, New York, United States

"Despite originating from Amsterdam, Stage Republic radiate a post-Britpop vibe with their utilisation of guitar riffs and hooks from the past. Instead of being overtly manufactured, Stage Republic sound raw in their vocals, drawing convincing emotion in each and every word creating a sense of emotional depth and personal meaning."
FreshBeats365 Music Blog, United States

"Electronic, tight and innovative. Enough familiar sounds to make it accessible, plenty of authenticity and uniqueness to not call it a copycat. Stage Republic delivers a very strong debut album.", The Netherlands

"A brilliant summer soundtrack"
House in the Sand Music Blog, Germany

"Raven has a distinct vocal approach, melodically sound and easier coasting through tone and textures to fit each individual mood. There is a theme of hyperspeed relationships that seems to proliferate across Firstage, a fitting approach to a sound that (mostly) keeps a similar pace.", US

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