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Get to Know Erin McLendon!

Posted by: erinmclendon on 9/23/2015 11:56 PM

Hey there! Have we met before? No? Well, alright then! Let me introduce myself! I'm Erin McLendon, I live in Nashville and I have a cat named Cami who I post a lot of pictures of on Instagram, like ya do. :)

I could not be more excited about being nominated for 3 IMEA Awards this year including Americana Album of the Year "Fire & Wine", "Americana Song of the Year "You're The Only One", and Country Female of the Year! It's a real honor to be nominated! Music has always been a part of my life and Fire & Wine has been a major passion project over the past two years. To be recognized for this particular album is a dream come true!

My influences come anywhere and everywhere. Growing up in North Carolina, I was exposed to all kinds of genres and artists from Reba to Jimmy Buffett, Aretha Franklin to Jason Mraz, and from Miranda Lambert to Frank Sinatra. Country has always been a constant favorite. When writing the songs, everyone involved decided the best way to go about it wast to pull the best parts of my favorite artists and combining them to create a sound that is uniquely mine while still staying in touch with North Carolina roots music.

When writing "You're The Only One," Britton Cameron and I wanted to create an anthem. My friends and I had just graduated college and were all working minimum-wage jobs trying to figure out how to accomplish our dreams. What we needed was a swift kick int he butt and a reminder that the only person that will work the absolute hardest to get us where we want to go is the one we look at in the mirror every day. Once Britton and I came up with the idea, we ran with it. That's really how most of my writing goes. All of the songs on Fire & Wine are based off of experiences I've had and wanted to share.

This is an incredible honor and I just wanted to say thank you for reading this, getting to know me, and for your votes! If you want to hear my music, I've put some links below, including the link to my Instagram so you can get to know my cat Cami as well! ;)

Music Video "You're The Only One":






Thank you again! I can't wait to meet everyone in Atlanta in a few weeks!!

Love Always,

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Added by RickLang

Congrats on the Award Nominations Erin. Look forward to seeing the music video!

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