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Intro- I'm Erisa Rei, (2 Noms in 2015)

Posted by: erisarei on 9/17/2015 9:15 AM

Hi! :)

How is everyone? I didn't realize that there was a forum. So I'm here now introducing myself.

I'm a blues/roots/soul artist from central IL, where all of the cornfields are. I lived in Nashville for 7 years and go back monthly for an entire week for music/work. I have been signed to the label, Creative & Dreams Music Network, since 2012. I've learned a LOT from them. They are a great group of people who are incredibly fair, and want the best for their artists not only musically, but personally. This was my plug for them, as they are nominated for label of the year.

About me: I'm a mom of 5 kids that I homeschool, so that when I'm out touring/gigging, I know that they have gotten sufficient "MOM" time. I'm the wife of one man, Eric. ;) I garden and can the produce from it every summer.

About my music: I started out by doing Christian music in 2004 and continued that until 2010. In 2007, I released an EP, "Backwards" in the Christian genre, which did really well in the Roots market. After dabbling with Christian music for another 3 years, I decided that the place I was meant to be was in the Roots/Blues field.

After I made that decision, I released a full-length project, "Black Ball", in 2012. That charted #2 nationally on the Roots Music Report's Roots Rock Internet charts, and did well in other Roots/Americana charts. It also got great reviews in several roots music magazines/sites. Earlier this year, I released a digital single, "About Love" which is up for a nomination in the Blues category.

I just finished up in the recording studio this week! We tracked for three days in analog. There is something so authentic and real about using tape. It was such an amazing experience, and I can already say that it will be my best project yet. So warm and vibey! :)

Anyway, I'm up for Blues artist of the year and Blues song of the year, if you'd be interested in checking me out:

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you on here, as well as meeting some of you at the awards show. I didn't realize there was a forum or I would have been on here sooner.

Topic: Shameless Self Promotion

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Added by RickLang

Congrats on the nomination Erisa, enjoyed your tunes on SoundCloud!

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